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Dead Front?

kenichi5388kenichi5388 Member Posts: 23

I've play Dead front in DEKARON Taiwan, Man, it's extremely fun!!! For those who dont know what dead front is, here it is, took from Garrik's post, Thx Garrik!

What is Dead Front?

Dead Front, the 2nd series of Dekaron action, is a large-scaled battle field fighting to the death. Dead Front is separated into 5 levels restrictions and 4 parties, which mean one party should be formed by 6 players in a group, can simultaneously participate in Dead Front at a designated time, six times a day. In other words, maximum of 24 players (4 parties) on each leveled-map enable to join this battle.

To sign up for Dead Front, each player should reserve 20 event items dropped from monsters and then, exchange them for a fort map at the designated NPCs. The fort map is an essential factor for participants to be enabled to get into a battle field "Chains of Fire."

After getting into Dead Front, all participantsmust go through the three consecutive playing modes of Dead Front – each party playing mode at the valley,all parties playing mode at the fort zone, andPvP playing mode. The winning party will be immediately transferred to where all the treasures are.

What is Level Restriction Map?

Dead Front is a fighting field for all Dekaron players from low-leveled one to high-leveledone. So, it consists of 5 different leveled-maps as follows:

1) Level 21 ~ 45

2) Level 46 ~ 70

3) Level 71~ 90

4) Level 91 ~ 110

5) Level 111 above.

When can we join Dead Front?

Dead Front's gate will open at a designated time, six times aday: A designated time for Dead Front Entry is as follows:

16:00 / 18:00 / 20:00 / 22:00 / 00:00 / 02:00

In DEKARON Taiwan, dead front's gate open at 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00

I managed to get 40% to 85% exp for each dead front, yesterday, my character up 3 levels by participate in 3 dead front! Hope 2moons acclaim will quickly add this expansion!!! guyz! Dont miss out dead front!!!


  • pkdragonpkdragon Member Posts: 5

    Here are the steps to learn all about deadfront.

    1)Log in

    2)Go to

    3)When you reach the forums go into the General Discussion section

    4)Go into the sticky thread that says Deadfront info...

    5)Click the link that TheHistorian made.


    You have to log in because the information is in the Game Guide section and you have to be logged in to  look in the Game Guide section.

    Here's a shortcut:

    1)Log in

    2)Go to the 2moons forums(

    3)Go to the Game Guide section.You should see a post that says Dead Front.


    The information is basic as TheHistorian stated.More information will come out soon.

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