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Here are some ideas (dont bite my head off)

mkpvpksmkpvpks Member UncommonPosts: 37

This game looks very interesting and I will try it out.  Here are some things I would like to see in game if possible.  Crafts and skills pretty much.


Gun Smithing

Its being able to repair and assemble guns.  It takes years for a gun smith to develop their skills.  In a post apocalyptic would it would be a necessity.

Ammo Crafting

Knowing how to make your own ammunition would be another essential skill in this setting.  There are higher grades of ammunition and know how to make a copper jacketed round takes more skill than making a lead slug.  Better ammunition is more accurate and has more stopping power.  I wouldnt be surprised to see ammo become a form of currency.


The better the clothing the better the protection from the elements.  The better the armor the better the protection from your enemies.  Weaving kevlar or sewing metal plates into a jacket would be a highly sought after skill.  These could probably be 2 different skills but are pretty similar IMO.


There are more crafts but those are the 3 that I would love to see in the final version of the game.




Anyone can pull the trigger but knowing how to shoot takes lots of practice.  Being accurate at a long distance takes alot more practice.  The rifle is a long range weapon and would be hard to master.


A short range weapon but still hard to use well.  Being fast and accurate with a pistol takes time and it takes a whole different level of skill to control a large caliber pistol like a .357 compaired to a small caliber pistol like a .22. 

Sub Machinegun/Machine pistol

Sub machine guns are not easy to control when used full auto.  The better you are at controling the weapon the more accurate you will be and the more ammo you will save.  These would be a close to mid range weapon.

Assault Rifle

Again the problem of controling the weapon on full auto.  With the assault rifle you would also need to be accurate at a distance and that takes time to develope.  Mid to long range weapon.


There is no real skill involved in hitting your target with a shotgun.  However the more you use something the better you become and being fast on the trigger would give you a leg up on your enemies.  Nothing is more deadly at close range than a shotgun.

Melee Weapons

I dont think so.  In a PvE environment these weapon would be helpful but aside from the lucky kill they would be useless in PvP.  Its no coincidence that police and soldiers in body armor dont get killed by guys with baseball bats.  Im not saying it doesnt happen but its rare.


I know there are more skill and crafts that would play well in the game but those are the ones that I think would make it truely dynamic.  Another thing I would like to see would be the Planetside cone system for bullet travel.  If you dont know what Im talking about just trust me it would rock in this game.  It would allow developers to take into account the quality of the ammunition the player skill with their weapon and the weapon upkeep in determining accuracy.  The higher the skill the better the ammo the cleaner the weapon the smaller the cone.

These are my ideas take them or leave them.  I would love to hear everyone elses ideas though.



  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    They talk about crafting in a few of the movies. Its planned on having all the different craft skills you mention.

    I'm not so sure how the mechanics are actually going to be handled but you will have all the weapons you list. Its also going to be in a FPS mode when you shot. Take a look at some of the dev movies.

    It is going to be actual FPS combat from what I understand not that pseudo third person non-target locking MMO crap like SWG tried or Tabula Rasa is trying. I am assuming all the weapon characteristics like you mention will be ingame seeing as its modeled after FPS.

    Now if they could just get it rolling along or put out some more news or something.....

  • creepyferretcreepyferret Member Posts: 7

    i think melee weapons would be pretty prevalent. seeing as how you stated that gun making and bullet making are so hard to do, most people would not be able to get their hands on that kind of equipment. besides melee weapons are much cheaper and are easier to use n stealth attacks. but i see where your coming from, i would definitely prefer a gun to a melee weapon, but only if i could afford it.

  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    In one of those dev movies posted here, they talk at length on the subject of combat, skills and the crafting right down to making the guns and bullets.

  • SirmakiSirmaki Member UncommonPosts: 118

    You really need to head to the FE site and read the QoTWs and watch the movies. Most (if not all) of your post is covered.

  • StedfastStedfast Member Posts: 101

    Indeed most of the topics are covered at the FE sight and will answer most questions here.

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