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(IS RF Online Really FREE) BIG BIG UNFAIR Advantage

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,147

IS RF Online Really Free? Read Below To Learn About the unfair advantage you get scammed with & Sugguestion.

#1 I would like to make the following sugguestion...

IF everyone didnt notice UMT'S Unmanned Mining Tools & Batteries are now sold in CASH only shop on the bottom of the screen, which is a RIP OFF, and makes everyone who wants to mine while playing the game have to pay cash for it & In my opinion is a big unfair advantage to those who pay than those who dont, and therefore should be taken out of the item store and put back the old way it used to be for that anyways.

Here is my feeling's Betowards this game, As long as I have to subscribe to mine with a UMT, and I cant play the game while mining, but donators can, I am not going to even mess with RF Online, because it will be a big unfair advantage and scam.

Once Again Code Masters Did A Great Thing, But They Screwed US Over Again.

This post is also going to be posted on



FREE To play games, & Research.

When you buy an item in a game such as a potion, did you notice it expires like exactly 24 hours after you use it? IS it fair that if you use it play five hours, then dont login for 2 days later, that you loose your real life money, and the potion/item as well.

In my opinion, paying for credits is like buying disena, gold, or money off ebay, or google search, since ebay doesnt allow selling of it anymore, here is why.

You pay for item's, but it costs a lot more money, than what you would paying a monthly subscription fee for another game, because you use up all your credits within less than one month of playing time.

Sugguestion to fix this below...

Give UMT'S back to public use anyone can use.

OR make a subscription for the same cost as before or something, where everyone can use the item's shop, and instead of paying for items that dont work worth ****, and dont last that long, be able to go to an in game npc pay for potion's like xp potion's, and stuff with Disena, that is very cheap, but only to subscribers, and the subscription cost of $14.99 or the same it was before this lame free to play thing came into effect, and if you unsubscribe you can no longer purchase from these npc's, or use the items you paid the small ammount of dil for.


To all free player's as long as this game remails with UMT as cash only shop it is unfair, and therefore if you dont got the money to waste in real life, do not play this game, because everyone will have an unfair advnatage over you of being able to mine, and hunt monsters with their characters at the same time, and you will have to leave your pc on afk to mine? Is this fair?

The Term FREE games.

This is a lie, all games that say (FREE) Scam, anyone who does not actually pay get's ripped off so much in the game that its not worthit, and isnt fair at all, and paying the subscription for another game service that everyone has same fairness on is better than being ripped off and scammed.

Let me tell you why RFO went free, because they had no choice, because everyone didn't like it because how once all the level 70's got high level you could not buy any lower level items at the shop, therefore no one wanted to play, and as you noticed there are some changes in the game like you can buy slotted armors now, thats why this game went free becuase it didnt have that many people playing, compared to any other mmorpg on the market.


Now that you have learned what (FREE GAME) Means, & IF you think what I am telling you is a lie, then ignore this post, but if you believe me, or want to research it, go check out all the item shops in RF online, compare it like this.

Price you pay for points real life cash + Points in Game spent, + Does item last forever, & does it expire even while not playing + Do you spend more real life cash playing in RF online than A Subscription game + How fast do you spend your points on the items?

& Yes this stuff applies to all free mmorpg's with item stores on the market, except RF online may have reduced xp gained by some monsters, and fixed UMT's to donators only therefore giving donators a big big big unfair advantage.


  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,147


    True, It is free to play the game, however still having to pay for in game items such as mining equipment such as UMT'S by an item store when before you could just buy them from a vendor is lame, and not to mention but it is really a waste in my opinion, and UMT's should once be again free and avalable to everyone just like they were before the patch.

    Think about it having to pay to mine in a game is lame in my opinion, because in RF online you dont go around like other mmorpg's and right click to mine it, but you have to stand there with your character and just hit the mine button, while if you do not want to leave your pc on over night, or go afk leaving your pc on, but you want to play the game you would normally have to sit there in boredom unless you pay for the UMT'S with real life cash, which is unfair to those who do not pay.

    (FREE) mmorpg? Well I did not mind paying a monthly subscription fee, but check this out.

    $5 1500 Credits

    100-150 or so for the batteries

    so IF i buy 10 batteries at 150 each thats 1500 Credits $5

    Now if I use these thats 6 hours 5 minutes each = 65 hours

    Now thats already $5 right there.

    and keep in mind this is less than 3 real life days worth of batteries/UMT's.

    Remember 1 month of game play is 720 Hours

    Also to get to a total of 720 Hours which is one month of game play, if you played 24/7 it would cost $55 which is more than a fair game play monthly subscription. and even then that is 715 hours not 720.

    So basically depending on if you play 5-8 hours a day depending on how you play, if you play 10 hours a day sometimes like some hardcore people do, you would be paying more than the monthly fee of a game.

    The issue isnt about money, the issue is about fair game play, and is RF online really worthit to play with this issue, well I cant speak for everyone else, but unless I either use my other computer and leave it on a second account mining while I play on my main account, or unless they put UMT'S back for free in the game, then in my opinion it isnt worth playing, but thats me.

    Now maybe you can see the problem with unfair mining and item store in game, before there wasnt this problem.


    Off Topic

    Back before the game was free to play, it used to be fair with the way it was, but now it isn't, and My opinion they only made the game Free to play as well as their other game's because they could not get that many player's, and thats probabily why they lessened it down into two server's, because they didnt have enough player's, and again in my opinion they keep changing thing's around messing thing's up putting stuff in the wrong way, and so this is what it leads to.

    For those of you who stocked up on POTS, Potions, and UMT batteries/UMT's GOOD FOR YOU, but the only problem is that I quit this service way back, because they made it suck in my opinion, and the reason it sucked was because everyone was level 70, and no one used the ah to sell any good lower level armor's, but now that that has changed it is once again worth playing, except for the fact that they have made the game unfair, unbalanced, and messed up UMT'S.

    Remember, even though the game is free, without us your game is nothing, as well as this goes for all other mmorpg's on the market.

  • fulmanfufulmanfu Member Posts: 1,523

    whats the point of paying anything if it doesn't give you an advantage?

    whats the point of hosting a game at all if you don't get paid?

    none and none, i see nothing wrong with what they are doing at all.

  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844

    before beta i was really into rf online, then i played it when beta came out and u know wat, i hated it, well not hated it but it didnt live up to my hype is all, now that its free though ill probably start again see if i like it once more :)

  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715

    Back in my day we didn't even have UMTs. You were either there or you left your character AFK all day.

    Bans a perma, but so are sigs in necro posts.

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