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Pros and Cons of KOL

Well, what better way to start a thread then with Pros?


A lot of Quests. (RPG quests and fighting quests)Easy to catch onto.

Good sound.

Classes are equal if you know how to play them.

Many people help out new players

Holiday Events!


Lacks good customer support

Graphics are halfway outdated

Some people are mean.

Economy is screwed up(people sell items worth about 2 million for about 700 million.)

My Ratings

Graphics: 7.0

Sound: 7.5



Customer Support: 4



Although the rating is kind of low I still enjoy the game alot.

This is a type of game where people either haate it or love it


  • tchahintchahin Member UncommonPosts: 9

    My ratings


    Graphics 6

    Sound 7.5

    RP 7

    Fun 7

    Support 3

    Community 4 ...........sorry i dont like 'swýft pls'

    Economy 1 (This is an important factor on this game)

    -------------------------------------------Overall 5----------------------------

  • Bird09Bird09 Member Posts: 18

    I tried this game once, walked around for about  an hour trying to figure stuff out and I never could figure out how to get out of that castle area, because the dungeon place you can't go into, and there is nothing by the ocean...


  • pepsi1028pepsi1028 Member Posts: 471
    graphics well animations suck ass........the fire look like the cheesiest thing since 2 year olds probly made it....all u do is grind in boring skills sucks....characters look prety wif graphix....but i have to say it gets addicting once u pass that stuff....i mean sum good stufff....but u can never log on unless u pay.... :( so i rlly wouldnt recommend this game if ur new to MMORPG's


    Get out of your box already...

  • DreamnukerDreamnuker Member Posts: 11
    I've tryed this game few days ago. So my ratings are:

    Graphics: 7 - looks good, but i saw many graphic bugs

    Sound: 4 - I've played only 3 hours, but those two music tracks (fighting & peacefull stance) seriously wrought me up.

    RP:8 - The game has very good story, so it's easy to RP.

    Fun:6 - I hate "mob tanking quests"

    Customer Support: 2 - It su**s

    Community:8 - When i started to play. one lvl30 dude helped me with "power leveling".

  • TuggTugg Member Posts: 7
    I played two chars on this game, one a mage to 63 and the other a rogue/archer to 67 (in between I quit and then came back). Though the PvP is fairly fun, there is sooo much hacking in the game and so many people that have "duped" items to create a huge skill imbalance that it just becomes frustrating. I seriously recommend no one downloads it. It is fun at first but eventually you might get sucked in only to seriously regret the time you wasted playing such a poorly managed game (I'm refering to USKO, run by a terrible company that has an "F" rating with the Better Business joke. I've played the game off and on for over a year and they promise the world and deliver nothing...
  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    Pro: e-games Malayasia version is shutting down.

    Con: K2networks version is still up.

  • ArcSpartanArcSpartan Member Posts: 111
    Yeah i agree with most of you, i started playing this game when all my little buddies downloaded it and told me it was free. Once again great for a free game (Most free games are good considering they're free).


    Great interface, simple and effective.

    People are warm welcoming  (at the time i played, might have changed)

    Easy to find most NPC'S

    Tons of servers



    Tons of Turkish people (I'm not saying that they are bad themselves, its just hard to understand what they are saying, also have just been my server)

    Graphics could be better

    Like first post said economy is messed up. I needed a spell really badly, but it cost about 750 million.

    PvP can be highly unorganized

  • ForeverDawnForeverDawn Member Posts: 203

    I used to play, I had a lvl 40 something mage if I remember correctly...something along those lines.  It was free before and that's when I played, but now i can never get on and it just doesn't live up to previous expectations.  I remember getting a lot of help from veteran players when I used to play, and that aspect was fun.  But now, I'm sorry but I'm don't think I'd go back to playing it.  The graphics and stuff were below average but still decent enough to beat runescape and whatnot eh? heh was a good game then it stopped.


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