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Lvl 90 training areas.

Amistad3000Amistad3000 Member Posts: 30
2007-10-19 11:09:13.293


  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    you might want to try the rock crabs. They are in the fremminik place north of seers (I think), if they arent to nooby for you.


  • DemonZabuzaDemonZabuza Member Posts: 71

    Depends on what your training and your levels in those skills.

    If your training any stat 90+ I it might be best to do pestcontrol still.

    If your training atk/str/def and dont mind taking a while you can use d hally to raise.

    If your training range use cannon and either darts or knives.

    If your training mage high alch till 75 then buy wield chaos gauntlets and kill metal dragons with fire bolt till 85. You'll probully make 30m this way.

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