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Star Trek


Hello!  I know, I know...Star Trek Online hasn't come out yet and has a long way to go, but we being the excited gamers that we are, can't wait! 

Check us out at:

Who we are

The 13th Fleet is a guild of mature role-players.  Many of it’s founding members have played in MMOs together in addition to SWG, and while our primary focus is on PvE content, many of us also enjoin PvP and Guild War systems, and hope to participate in such scenarios in the future.  Our founding members already represent the diversity that we hope to bring into the guild.   The long term plan is to offer a guild who’s coverage extends to the far corners of the galaxy and is whispered about throughout the universe.


Our role

The 13th Fleet is a neutral/good guild, developed around the principles of acting for the needs of the greater good. 




We are actively recruiting new members into the guild. 




The 13th Fleet welcomes people from all backgrounds. We are proud to represent a diverse guild and that pride is reflected in the support we offer to all our recruits. Whatever your marital status, race, ethnic origin or religious belief, there is a role for you in our team. No account is taken of sexual orientation or social background when considering applications.


Why the 13th Fleet?

In the days of mediocre and bland guilds which lack direction and intent, we hope to provide a vision of honour and virtue equalled by few.  Join the 13th Fleet and you are joining a fellowship of people from all walks of life who share similar goals and passions in their online and even perhaps real lives.  However, if you are looking for an Ub3r 1337 guild that goes after and / or supplies you with phat lewt, then please move along.


See the Galaxy

The galaxy is a big place, but as a guild, we intend to see all of it.  Through general exploration, we fully intend to use every last resource and discover even the most remote bit of content available to us in the game.


Be part of a team


In every MMO, each new day brings a new challenge, but whatever the challenge, you won’t face it alone, because from day one you’ll be part of one of the toughest teams in the world. Our strength comes from the role each individual plays, at every level of the 13th Fleet as a whole.


Work hard — then play hard


Many people see a guild or an MMO in general as a full-time commitment, and while you will enjoy friendship and adventure, you’ll have the freedom, encouragement to live your real life as fully if not more so than your gaming one.  At no point will any member of the guild tell you that a game or this guild comes first.


Day-to-day Guild Life


From word go, you'll be interacting with our fleet, many of whom you may share experiences, lifestyles and interests.  You'll soon bond with the people around you and form long-lasting friendships.


After the 13th Fleet?

Time spent with the 13th Fleet is time well spent, and while we rather not see you go, we’re confident that the experience you will gain with us will prepare you for any direction you may take, be it forming your own guild, joining another, or simply going out on your own.


  • sirchaucesirchauce Member Posts: 4

    Just wanted to let u know about another game, Star Quest Online. Not exactly Star Trek - but it will feel more like ST than STO will ever feel.

    Warning, the graphics are like 1990's vintage, but the world is enormous and the role-playing is the best.

    If you try the 7 day trial, be sure to get assigned a ship ASAP cause nobody can learn this game on their own in 7 days.

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