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is my computer good enough?

my computer is kind of cheap,it has 504MB of RAM but the graphics card is ATI Radeon 7200,whatever that means,and my pc lags for most games with good graphics..think my pc could play it?


  • FeverfewFeverfew Member Posts: 120

    also im using windows xp home edition if that helps..


  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    will work. worked on mine, so it will work on yours.

  • DouhkDouhk Member Posts: 1,019

    The game runs differently than most MMORPGs you'd be used to. Your surroundings are greatly detailed, but the tiny details are not 3 dimensional. Usually you'll find a lot of things around you in the game if you look really really closely to be flat. It's a really smart aprroach, though, one of the most beautiful games I've played but runs extremely well. It also goes towards the fact that 99% of the game is instanced, the worlds in PvE are your own seperate maps (meaning the game doesn't have to use random calculations for non-NPC characters), and like I already mentioned, the way the game is engineered is very distinct.

    My graphics card I think is a 6200 or 6600, something along those lines. My computer is about 5 years old. I run the game on max graphic settings and it runs fine, excluding alliance battles in PvP, which are 12 versus 12 fights... that's when my computer will experience one or two lag punches. That's pretty much it though. Your computer should run fine... the system req is very very low.

    image If only SW:TOR could be this epic...

  • LunethLuneth Member Posts: 63

    Shouldn't be a problem, it runs very well on my computer, although. my specs are the one writed in the bottom ot the post :P but yeah, not very high specs is required.


  • xusheng2xusheng2 Member Posts: 109

    it should be able to run fine. Though u might have to turn down the graphics a bit..

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