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He "beat" EQ

CathalaodeCathalaode Member Posts: 281

it's in the second half of the video


  • coorsman66coorsman66 Member UncommonPosts: 87

    "Everquest continues to suck to this very day"   

    That was amusing. I want that blender!

    imageFuck the world, for all its worth,Every inch of planet earth!image

  • BalkonBalkon Member Posts: 83

    Well that guy has his opinion, IMO Everquest was great in its early days, maybe he played it after PoP seeing as he blended Everquest, PoP. But yes, now it does kind of suck.

  • bopicebopice Member Posts: 59

    Still the best Pve mmorpg out there.
    If Everquest sucks Wow sucks much harder... : )
    played them both for years, and i'll take eq1 over wow any day for fun, and adventure.

  • WHOOWHOO Member Posts: 57

    Wonder if that blender has a beat setting, then that would be super ironic

    Boy, i have played so many games. Want an opinion on any major game? PM me.

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