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clothing perminant?

NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

you know at start up when we create character...... does the cloth that we choose will be perminant? or later we kill mobs and it drop new clothing and we put on?

as i test.... say like i choose white shirt..... and i got drop from mobs new blue shirt.... i put on.... and when i take it out... it will show that i have the white shirt i chose from the begininng... so is the clothing we chose at the beginning be perminant as our underwear?



  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186

    Yes, the new armour you will get will overlap this, so your appearance will always be affected by which armour you wear.

  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

    but it will be our perminant underwear right?


    say like... if i choose blue shirt at beginning... when i get new level 40 armor and wear it... it will overlap it and when I take it out.... it will show the blue shirt i chose at the beginning right?

  • BombastussBombastuss Member UncommonPosts: 158

    Yes exactly. It will be your default clothing that you will only see if you remove your armor.

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