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Returning player, couple of questions.

FyrroFyrro Member Posts: 20

I played UO between 1999 and 2001 and again for a spell in 2004.  I am currently downloading the free trial of Kingdom Reborn and have a couple of questions.

When I returned in '04 the shards populations had declined steeply from when I played previously. I wasn't sure whether this was due to a lack of players or just the playerbase being spreadout across a larger landmass. Which shards have the highest populations atm? Has the population began rising again with the release of UO:KR?

I previosuly played on Europa which had great roleplaying opportunites. I seem to remember Catskills being THE roleplaying shard when I used to play also. Which shards offer the best roleplaying these days?



  • wolffinwolffin Member UncommonPosts: 193

    there is a roleplaying community on  pacific you can icq 470265831 guys name is fallon realy nice person and he sets up a lot of role playing events and is a long time player

  • joeybootsjoeyboots Member UncommonPosts: 628

    Also, there is a lot of rp guilds on Atlantic. I'm in one myself.

  • AnnorahAnnorah Member Posts: 1
    I've played on Cats since 1999. It really depends on what you consider RP. I've heard Atlantic is heavy pvp and the rp there is more rppvp. Cats has little to no rppvp these days.

    The RPers there are pretty serious for the most part, so being able to wear all the artifacts and such wouldn't fit some characters, so it's hard to keep up in the pvp world. Some guilds even have armor and weapon restrictions.

    But it is not as strict as Europa.

    Here's the Catskills Role Players Ring forum. It will tell you about most of the RP guilds there.


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  • LowlanderLowlander Member Posts: 14

    RP is still going strong on Europa, just log in and take a look around the Trinsic Moongate and your see a elven village thats popped up, not to mention they are a great bunch of folks. They have Tavern nights at 7pm gmt on Mondays and Fridays I believe. Take a wander over to Cove to find the Baronship going strong, their neighbours in Vesper are always at it, more often than not the dirty buggers!

    There are many, many guilds that can cater to the needs of many, whether you want to be a pirate or a staunch religious captain in the ranks of an army, its there if you know where to look, sadly it seems to be more hidden these days, but dont give up, its there, just harder to find these days.

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