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rpg123rpg123 Member UncommonPosts: 71
Just recently found out about this game, and for some strange reason its bringing up goods memories of when I was playing FFXI. Now I don't know if i should get this or WAR



  • freakomarfreakomar Member Posts: 415

    its basically whatever you want/like better.

    this is more of a say.... fantasy-ish game, with better graphics definately and A LOT better environment. And focus on both PvE and PvP.

    WAR is more say ... I have no idea, but it has good graphics but compare them with Aion's - lots of differences. Also WAR has more focus on PvP.


    Also Aion has faster combat pace, not that WAR doesnt but .... gah whatever. go there and check out all the Aion vids, then see the WAR vids

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  • CaladonCaladon Member Posts: 152

    I think it's wrong to say Aion doesn't focus on PvP. It does (seemingly), but more on the "end-game" castle siege type, where guilds from either of the two factions fight over castles/citadels/whatever to gain access to resources and such (i guess like in DAoC). WAR in the other hand, seems to put most effort into making it easily accessible to everyone (?), very casual.


  • jmmcglojmmcglo Member Posts: 203

    Overall, Aion and WAR both are being designed for the casual and hard-core gamer alike. Aion is PvE and PvP based while WAR is geared more towards PvP. As the devs of WAR have stated in a previous interview -  "WAR about war!..."

    IMO, as I still play FFXI to this very day, if you like FFXI then you will <3 Aion. I also had an interest in WAR... BUT... WAR cannot touch Aion's graphics. If you are like me, FFXI spoiled me with the "realistic looking" graphics. WAR just does not have the "... omg that looks like a real plant / flower !.." look to it. With today's technology there is no reason for a game to look like it was made to run on windows 3.11.


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  • CyntheCynthe Member UncommonPosts: 1,414

    Yes I agree, I loved FFXI and sometimes even reactivate my account just so I can breathe it in for as long as I can take forced grouping and grinding...

    For this reason to me Aion pwns WaR, because of it being so similar to final fantasy, I mean you get the summoner, elemental environments, meaning a water place like a marsh will actually have 'water' characteristcs, since you play(ed) FFXI you know what I'm talking about :p

    There's lots of other interesting things but since I can't compare them to WaR I'll stop there, I know nothing of WaR you see. But still if you enjoyed FFXI a lot I could see you really loving Aion.


  • VandorianVandorian Member UncommonPosts: 6

    I'm completely sold out for fantasy games. I've played R.o.s.e, L2, WoW, RO but never final fantasy though.

    I've been, for a while, comparing this to WAR and I honestly can't see what WAR got to offer. The grapchics seems very familiar to wow. The gameplay sounds more or less boring and you would/will probably get bored of it in some weeks. And as it's pretty much based on PvP I can only imagine how the players would be like after some months after the release.


    So if I were you, I would get Aion.

  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844

    dude aions ten times better then every upcoming game... seriously lol

  • oakaeoakae Member UncommonPosts: 344

    Originally posted by rpg123
    Just recently found out about this game, and for some strange reason its bringing up goods memories of when I was playing FFXI. Now I don't know if i should get this or WAR
    Well yea.... visually it looks like a graphically updated FFXI.
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