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Check out the Gnomes!

"Playing EQ to the highend is like getting hit in the head over and over. When the hitting stops you start to miss the dizzy feeling. The lack of this "dizzy feeling" will ruin you to other MMORPG's"

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  • BurningManBurningMan Member Posts: 613
    yay a nother step for WoW they got the trolls and gnomes up. So glad they making some progress. Hey when you think beta will begin?



  • DarkyDarky Member Posts: 59

    These gnomes are just like dwarfs... only beardless, mustachless and pretty much really ugly. (They're so cute it's sick)


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  • BurningManBurningMan Member Posts: 613
    lol thats true they should have replaced gnome with ummm....something else that war3 has in alliance hey wait a sec the humans and orcs r allied well kinda



  • stormtuskstormtusk Member Posts: 1


    Originally posted by BurningMan

    So glad they making some progress. Hey when you think beta will begin?





    Beta already started... I still haven't got a beta invite though. I know lots of people are in beta now because all videos on youtube but it probably still has lots of bugs. Why else would it take so long huh? This game is starting to look like vaporware

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