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If you are worry about LOW population and no parties for low level. Look here~

wrongfeifongwrongfeifong Member CommonPosts: 405

To end all your worries:

you must take note 2 factor that FFXI currently under for low levels.

1. Parties is not rare, its just too fast why? its all about getting power leveled by any player within party that either have a friend or his second account. In most cases, once you acquire a party, someone within will have a powerleveler and your levels will be flying

2. People who re-level another class often have amazing gear, use amazing food items, hence their output is twice as more then a new player.

To prove this, i releveled blm from 10-20. log on @ 7 AM in the morning saw 10 people seeking. I started a party and within 2 hour. I was level 15 (then server maintence.)

Does that end your worries?


P.S this post is for all thoe people that keep asking "will there be parties for new players"



  • Jo-GamerJo-Gamer Member Posts: 120

    Nice!  10-15 in 2 hours, good party. ^.~

  • mrdoublerrmrdoublerr Member Posts: 269

    nice but that doesnt really answer the question, whats good about ffxi is you can change job, that mean if you get to the highest level you can still level any other class from level 1 and group with new player to get xp. and with the new expansion coming out by the end of the years with new jobs, its a good time to start playing.

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