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Contest of Oz "Screenshot Show Off""

Every mmorpg I play must have pvp..... everything I do must have competition..... gotta have any kind of contest.

Show Off your mmorpg screenshots.... dont have to be a mmorpg.. any kind of game is fine too. Whoever got better screenshots win! There is no prize as I am poor and have nothing to give. Well there is prize... the prize is fame and credit! you get face!

heres how to play:

- atleast 4 screenshots taken by yourself

- atleast 2 pictures of anything that related to games.. like a pic of metroid or something

- state the country you from (please)

and you vote..... after you see the poster's screenshot.... you will reply like this "vote: NewMonster"  dont quote just reply. whoever is the most voted... wins!!!!

ps. forgive my grammar.... if you do not forgive.... i will not forgive you!














































  • SymoneSymone Member Posts: 277

    You;re poor because you spend all your time playing games obviously! And whats with all those up-skirt shots


  • dirtyjoe78dirtyjoe78 Member Posts: 400

    Holy bandwidth batman

  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

    vote: NewMonster

  • TriadosTriados Member Posts: 5

    Originally posted by Symone

    And whats with all those up-skirt shots

    My first thought too

  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

    need contestant......

  • SykoSilverSykoSilver Member Posts: 9

    I want to see some guy buttshots.

  • MilkyMilky Member Posts: 339

    New Monster,

    Some of the games I recognize, can you list under each screenshot which game it came from?  I would like to try some of the games you posted screens of, but I have no idea what some of the games are.

  • SymoneSymone Member Posts: 277

    Originally posted by SykoSilver

    I want to see some guy buttshots.

    hahaha.. yea me too.


  • weller001weller001 Member Posts: 21

    check out the baps in that last pic.....fine specimens

  • DameonkDameonk Member UncommonPosts: 1,914

    Am I the only one that was a little disturbed by the fact that NewMonster has so many butt close up screenshots of various games?

    If these are the only the ones that he's posting... how many more does he have on his computer?  0_o

    "There is as yet insufficient data for a meaningful answer."

  • PicklefootPicklefoot Member Posts: 218

    Sorry to disappoint, no upskirt photos.. because I don't play female xD.



     Lost all of my screenshots when I cleared out fraps folder a week ago.. d'oh! So I took these tonight. Except the Guild Wars one which is ancient.




     City of Heroes.. there were soo many of these, +5 to the majority of the group too. We wiped a few times :P. Leveling a scrapper to PVP.


    Soon after, he powersurged and pwned me with a one-two-floor!

    On a rare occassion, I'm in a DC MAX.. usually a pounder though hehe!! :P

     Too slow.


     I smell char..


    Turning shot.. just killed two of his buddies. The big text is CRITICAL HIT!! Yeah, owned.



    Whats goin' on here!


    Pretty in pink.





     More to come.. dunno if I can post the Perfect World closed beta ones or not.. so I'll hold out :P


  • PhoenixsPhoenixs Member Posts: 2,646

    Originally posted by Symone

    And whats with all those up-skirt shots
    Yeah But to be honest it didn't surprise me. Fitted right into my stereotype of people that play asian mmo's


  • Rayx0rRayx0r Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,902

    So thats what all of you who play female toons mean when you say:

    "If im gonna play a game for hours at a time, Id rather be staring at a girls butt"

    lol..  thats pretty creepy


    “"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a robot foot stomping on a human face -- forever."
  • SymoneSymone Member Posts: 277



    @ Dameonk  - So you're one of those types who doesn't bother reading anyones posts before you post, eh?

    @ Picklefoot -  lol I've been playing Team Fortress 2 also, fun game.. good screens.


  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441

    ive got a couple just messing around in WoW, got rid of all my ones from other games though

    This one is of me messing around with GM commands, i morphed into an epic netherdrake while riding a regular one


    This one is of the "shrine of the fallen warrior" i believe its called, anyways its a tribute to a developer that died during the creation of WoW, pretty cool place right outside of the XR if you wanna check it out


    And this one is just for NewMonster


  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061


    This is what i call sexy!

  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417

    pickle border and batole thanks for entering the competition.... dont forget to state the country you from.

    oh its in your profile.

  • SynhellSynhell Member Posts: 67

    @ new monster...

    Some of your screenshots are SUN right? also whats the name of the games of your last screenshot?


  • NewMonsterNewMonster Member Posts: 417


    Originally posted by Synhell

    @ new monster...
    Some of your screenshots are SUN right? also whats the name of the games of your last screenshot?

    There is no SUN there. The last one is Zera.




    the games are:

    - Mo Xiang

    - Zera

    - No One Lives Forever

    - Psychotoxic

    - Apoclyptika

    - 2 Moons

    - Silkroad Online

    - Infinity Online

    - Warlord

    - Dungeons & Dragons Online

    - Lord of the Rings Online

    - City of Villains

    - Guild Wars

    - Rappelz

    - Scions of Fate

    - Infernal

    - Mage Knight: Apocalypse

    - Perfect World

    - also Lineage 2

    - Archlord

    - RFonline

    - Dawnspire


  • MilkyMilky Member Posts: 339

    New Monster,

    would you mind editing your orignal post and under each picture tell us which of the games you listed each pic came from?

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