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what are you plannin to do most in WoW?



  • schalezschalez Member Posts: 14

    im gunna get an infernal, name him sparky, and we's gunna play golf

    they came from behind!
    zug zug
    sey 'ello to my little friend

    they came from behind!
    zug zug
    sey 'ello to my little friend

  • CurunirCurunir Member UncommonPosts: 29

    im goign to sit down with my guild mates and take a cup of tea and tal kabout lost times. Then get into more pressing maters about pl me to become a angry moffo with a vengeance to kill. Then ill run around and look on stuff and hopefully enjoy the game alot   =)

    Death will come to us all!!


    Death will come to us all!!


  • SlazerSlazer Member Posts: 251
    Im going to party with my brother (Im going priest, hes most likely going warrior) and we are going to tear things up.  We may party somtimes, but mostly its going to be just me and him.  I want to do a lot of crafting.  I played FFXI and crafting seemed cool, but it was a huge pain in the butt in that game, so I want to try it in WoW (yay for no crafting failures).  Exploring big time since you can get exp from exploration.  May join/make a guild, dont know, depends on how much gold I have for a tabard.  Definatly do a lot of quests.  Quests seem so much cooler in this game than in FFXI.  The quests in FFXI sucked, and a lot of the time you got crap rewards and Fame, which was a huge pain in the butt.  So pretty much, Im just going to do all I can.

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  • hell_fire_69hell_fire_69 Member Posts: 129

    in order im gonna lvl (normal and PvP), Quest,Trading skillz, PvP.


    I NEED imageWoWimage

    Current game-City of Heroes

    Future-World of Warcraft all the way

  • LugnardLugnard Member Posts: 474

    I plan on doing lots of exploring (I've got many places of interests that I'm looking forward to finding) and also some trade skills specifically fishing and mining/engineering as my Dwarf Hunter.

    I can't wait! image


  • CelfticCelftic Member Posts: 20
    I'm gonna join a guild and do some PVP and exploring.

    “Spider sense … tingling.”

    Spider sense... tingling.

  • gaeria84gaeria84 Member Posts: 105

    I would certainly be an explorer.  To see each and every part of the World Of Warcraft.


    *anticipating WoW*

    *anticipating WoW*

  • Axel_karefAxel_karef Member Posts: 279

    PVP mostly, I can't wait to do a mass raid on Stormwind or hopefully Darnasuss.


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  • BrutuxBrutux Member Posts: 156

    I'll probably be doing a lot of questing and hunting to level up than I'm going to go kills the other fraction (still deciding what I am)....

  • Wolfs-RainWolfs-Rain Member Posts: 85

    I'm gonna be a hunter and explore through the world while hunting and lvl up while doing so

    Then when i'm at a higher lvl im'm gonna join a guild or make one.

    Then i'll probably go and find a strong wolf or raptor to keep as my pet, then maybe do some PVP and Quests.

    thats my plan::::28::

  • heinrichoheinricho Member Posts: 252

    1. HAVE FUN!

    2. try everything out.  I'm going to make several characters and split up the tradeskills among them so I can have every tradeskill in use.  but if I make enough friends then that will be unnecessary.

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