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Question about free trial

TwohededboyTwohededboy Member Posts: 200

I created a free trial in Dec of 06, and recently reexamined my account to find that Guildwars is playable still, even though I never purchased the full game. Anyone know why I have the game now?


  • Nickcastle54Nickcastle54 Member Posts: 2

    blind luck mixed with no one paying attention to a glich in the system perhaps?

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  • AethiosAethios Member Posts: 1,527

    I never played the free trial, but I am guessing it's not part of the full game. Thus, similar to the way the actual game works, you are free to play as much as you like, until you decide you want to move further, at which point you must purchase the full game.

  • Lonesamurai1Lonesamurai1 Member Posts: 1,210

    Well there were a number of glitched trial codes that did unlock the full game for some, and as they aren't traceable it was deemed as "lucky" by Gaile and ArenaNet for those that found them


  • TwohededboyTwohededboy Member Posts: 200

    I think it was a timed not dated trial, I was locked out after about an hour crushing my dreams of a free game Well such is life.

  • DauthixDauthix Member Posts: 222

    At least you don't have to feel guilty about playing a "stolen" game. 

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