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UO:KR trial, wanted the trial, but they want prepayed to trial.

EqvaliserEqvaliser Member Posts: 74

Long gone UO player like many more. So i downloaded the client in good

manor to try it out and see the actual changes so i might give it another shot.

But my trial ended at the Uoregistration, they went SOE on me.

By that i mean they (EA) are using excaktly same means for trials and 

such as SOE do for their accounts, except SOE actually allows me to 

trial their games without a creditcard.  UO however requires me to enter

a valid credit card, and purchase game time, or so i atleast understand it

and with that purchase i get the first 14days free. 

So im sorry to say, just uninstalling it again, had to many problems with

to many mmo company's to ewen bother with account issues.

Hell game issues, im sure i can deal with and look past in evaluating a 

game, but account issues should meet a minimum of standards and im

sorry to say EA dont when comeing to Uo, its sad, cause im a UO fan.

Hehe perhaps ill get a timecard in birthday present, they i might try again..  

---  But on a further notice.

The game looks great on the youtube videos of gameplay ive seen, which

is also why i wanted to try it out. Well another day, and another try. 


Playing MMO's since my first which was Ultima online, then Anarchy online. and so on.. ;)
Now a days im very critical before i ewen bother downloading a Free to play mmo.


  • DreathorDreathor Member Posts: 537

    When they ask for credit card details on the trial - it's not going to cost you anything until the 14day trial has expired. It's a way of generating more money from people who forget to cancel their subscription before the 14days end if they don't wish to continue playing.

    The KR client is definately nice, I resubbed a while ago and had a blast with it. Although the chat system was kinda bad at that time.

    "If all you can say is... "It's awful, it's not innovative, it's ugly, it's blah.." Then you're an unimaginative and unpolished excuse for human life" -eburn

  • StarloreStarlore Member Posts: 1

    I just downloaded the 14-day free trial client for Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn. I have never played the game but I have played many MMO's over the years. This game looked interested and I have had fun with 2D games in the past.

    I have now been trying for over an hour to register this "free trial" with no success. Even if I put in  my credit card information (there is no free trial option), I still cannot register this game and play it. I have tried every way I can think of to register and come up with only frustration.

    This is the first time I have posted on MMORPG.com but I had to express how appalling this whole process has been. I still can't believe a company as large as EA has one of the most difficult, frustrating, weird and confusing registration processes I have ever seen: the free trial has no free trial payment option, when you enter your credit card there is no subscription available for UO: Kingdom Reborn and when I tried to edit my account information, the credit card info I had just entered was gone. WTH??

    I entered a support complaint in the none-too-friendly webpage and was assured I would have an answer within 24 hours. We shall see. At this point, nothing could make me play an EA game. I just hope they don't bill me since I can't cancel my non-existent subscription!   

  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804

    Uhm the ea registration page is 'buggy'

    Try a different browser or try deleting the cache of your browser.


    Else maybe try a freeshard, easier to join and more choices.

  • HevnerenHevneren Member Posts: 1

    "Ultima Online™: Kingdom Reborn 14 Day Trial

    If you have never played Ultima Online before, this is the place to begin! Follow Gwen through the New Player Experience and begin adventuring through the massive worlds of Britannia.

    Trial requires the entry of a registration key provided below. A major credit card is required to validate your account but will not be charged during the trial period. Please note the credit card will be automatically charged at the end of the trial unless cancelled."

    Its as he said, u have to chose 1 month subscription, but you can cancel it the next 14 days and will not be charged for 1 month, but if you forget you will be. But the first 14 days are free.

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