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Myst Fan! unable to play :(

Hello, i was asking myself why can't i play URU Live :/ Answer - I live in Portugal (Europe) and it appears that the game is not supported by gametap but... is there a way? :p thank u


  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715
    How does gametap work? Like, is it region specific or would you be able to access you account on say the US website or client or whatever and play through there? If it's IP blocking then there is always proxies.

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  • J.KlaJ.Kla Member Posts: 9

    There are players outside the region supported I will seek more detail and try and drop an additional to this post.


  • oman99oman99 Member Posts: 45

    Gametap is US only, but there a standalone client to download if you don´t live i US.

    On their homepage they state that Myst Online is available to:

    Australia, Canada,  Denmark,  Finland,  France,  Germany

    Italy,  Nerherlands,  New Zealand,  Norway,  Spain

    Sweden, U.K,  USA.


    At the moment i can´t get to the download page, but i did download the free client awhile back and i had no problem with it.



  • J.KlaJ.Kla Member Posts: 9

    Theres got to be a way because we had a guy on line from Romania and it is not in the list.  We only had his word for it be we had no reason to doubt him.


  • WARCRYtmWARCRYtm Member Posts: 875

    I am from Portugal also, and i am having the same problem.

    Btw is Myst online, equal to URU?grafics puzzles...?

  • KeimaKeima Member Posts: 3

    Still wating for gametap news on wich countries will URU Live be available :(


    Can i get some love from the actual players and ask them to speak with the support team?

    If any1 has some info on this, plz post something, tks.


  • ThillianThillian Member UncommonPosts: 3,156

    Yes I kinda have the same problem. Im living in Slovakia and there doesnt seem to be any valid way to get into the game.


  • KeimaKeima Member Posts: 3

    And the worst is... there is no mmo game in this genre.. i think

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