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bubeyebubeye Member Posts: 2

i just dl the game and tried it out, it is wicked but when i log off and try to get in again, i get to the start menu but when i click start a error msg pops up saying that there was a missing file called knightonline.exe, so i tried searching for it on my comp n on the homepage but nothing showed up so i uninstalled it and reinstalled it again it let me in the first time, but the second time the same error msg popped up again. so can any1 help me with this  problem?


  • maka22maka22 Member Posts: 1

    i am having that exact problem plz help!

  • jessuparjessupar Member Posts: 29

    I dont know if this will fix it or not but it's worth a shot.

    Install the game again... and save a copy of the knightonline.exe file in another folder, maybe on your desktop - outside of the KO folder.

    Then if you start the game and it works, close it and re open it, if you get the message, make another copy of the exe file in the seperate folder and paste it into your knight online directory.

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