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mrvietlawmrvietlaw Member Posts: 69

what stat do u raise for warrior in accretia and cora ?? plz help


  • NavinaNavina Member Posts: 8

    melee,defence and shield wud be the main.But wud be helpful if u raise range too so u can wear ranger armour which allows u to run faster

    Diablo2 exp-lvl86
    Guild wars-lvl20
    RF online-lvl48

  • xersentxersent Member Posts: 613

    Some people lvl eact PT so they can use the next weapon / armor , me myself i tend to try and max everything out , like if your a Ranger / Gunner / Striker for example and your doing your Melee PT it will cap @ Lv67 so in a sence would be GM for your Class and the same goes for Ranged PT , it all depends on your playstyle .. if u just want to get into it as fast as possible then just Lv your main PT for your class and forget the rest..

    I  know a lot of people that have GM in all PTs due to them Class Changeing back and forth todo so , since ive never done that im not too sure


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