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Philipines Downloads don't work?

hanzomonkeyhanzomonkey Member Posts: 1

I have noticed this game is f2p and have tried to download it the past two days but for some reason none of the downloads will open they just take me to the internet error page; and not only this game RF online but also Perfect World... is it just something wrong with Level Up...?

I would really appreciate it if you guys would post a reply if you are having the same problem or if you know what I'm doing wrong.

For reference here are the two sights that I'm having download issues with:


Thanks for any help yall 





  • kingdave2006kingdave2006 Member Posts: 30

    Fileplanet is crap, phillipines doesnt work, just get it at and then let it patch 762 files to the newest version. This game client is like the maltese falcon, even after I found one its still patching up. I would love it if they simply added a few alternate links onh the RF Online website. So far they have'nt even anounced that its f2p or have they? I looked at their site but didn't see anything in anouncements about it.

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