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Is this game worth playing???

yinzxyinzx Member Posts: 12

I wanna know if this game is any good so i can download it.


  • pirateerpirateer Member Posts: 219

    It's very good. Fast leveling, fun but hard quests, lag isn't much of a problem, and at least SOME customization of characters. I recommend playing an Asura on the Manas server. The only bad side for me is that most of the community is Filipino although most do speak english. Most of the time they ignore me when I tell them I can't understand them though Besides that it is a very good game, I highly reccomend it.

  • Manson_FanManson_Fan Member Posts: 46

    I have to agree with pirateer. This game is excellent, very fast level up although players are thin these days. It is true most are Filipino and I can't understand them either and it is also true that they ignore me when I say I can't understand them even if they are speaking to me. But this game is more than eyecandy (cute characters, etc...), it is an actualy MMORPG that allows you to play the role as a ne'er-do-well, or a goody good two shoes. The quests become very hard, which is why I am going to quit. I have a level 98 Asura and a level 95 Naga. They are going to remain dormant until, IF, I choose to come back. I have played it since closed beta but am currently looking for a better game. Anyways, I do recommend this game to any player looking for a new and fun game. Because, it is fun up to a certain point.

  • DeathPenaltyDeathPenalty Member Posts: 7

    It's a definite must play!

  • juddzgrrrljuddzgrrrl Member Posts: 17

    the reason it's pretty thin is that most people have moved to extreme. that's where i am  but yeah it's def worth downloading. i have played since january and i love it!!! i play on diyana server though

  • Supah_FlySupah_Fly Member Posts: 4

    Im addictade lolololololol.

    Im used to people talking different languages.. They do that all the time on stupid rs >.<

  • chris1nejichris1neji Member Posts: 17

    which server would you reccomend a english speaker to go to

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