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What would you like to see to attract you to play StarQuest?

The name says it all. This is an unofficial poll to just guage what most people think is important, and what would make you want to spend a bit of time playing StarQuest. Before shrugging this off, please think about it for a minute. If you have not tried starquest, go to the link and give it a shot. Its worth at least a moment of your time I believe, what have you got to lose? If you like this game, you wont have to be running around anymore looking for a space game.

I've played them all. Eve, anarchy, everything. This game has what I like - a good system. Theres ground combat, theres space flight, and it takes more than one person to control a starship. But what do you want out of starquest? What is important to you in a space game?

If your opinion is not polled in one of the slots, leave a messege and I will try to add it in. Please try to give input, if you like space games and you still havent found one to your liking starquest may be the one for you. Thank you


  • AdamxAdamx Member Posts: 6

    Good idea bosh. I wound like to see nearly all of the above. But right now i think the graphics need an over haul. The ships look kind of blocky to me, wepons look dule, and so is the tractor beam. I also kind of agree with you that starquest is one of the best space game out there. I don't like games where you just sit and blow stuff up.

    The main things i want to see in this game is just more people, graphic overhaul, and some more events. But so far it's a very good game. In my books it deserves a 9 out of 10


  • PapePape Member Posts: 1
    Definatly a good idea. I don´t really need great Graphics. I prefeer these small things like player housings and furniture, maybe more Ship-Types.
  • AdamxAdamx Member Posts: 6
    I kind of agree with you on that one pape. The player housing is nice along with furniture. I also seriously agree with the ships. If they would add maby a cheeper and a incredible expensive ship for civilians i would be happy. Right now i think the game just needs a graphics over haul. But they could just add the new graphics with the ships and small things making there job's easier.
  • MrLumpMrLump Member Posts: 5

    I would have to pick everything on that list except the special stuff.

    This would make the game a WHOLE lot better. Currently, the graphics are bland, looks like they are drawn by a 7 year-old and very little interaction with people. I went through the tutorial too and i couldn't figure out anything this guy said to me.  it REALLY needs some better controls and actually TEACH me how to do stuff. Personnaly, i give this a 2 out of 10. I think if more people played, better graphics came, and it was easyer to understand the whole concept. it could become a 8 out of 10.

  • AdamxAdamx Member Posts: 6
    Lump i can not deni what you said. Most of it's true but the company is small so they have isues with the graphics due to the prices. Also if you wan't more people you have to find ones who prefer gameplay over graphics. Right now it's all about graphics and no gameplay. So you will find people paying $60 for a game with high end graphics and shity game play compared to a person who will do the reverse of that.  Now using everything is completly understandable. I had issues and i still have isues putting things on and taking them off (like a backpack). So i do agree with you for a major overhaul but it is on the right track. Also a better tutorial would work along with how to use things like how to put them on would be nice along with placing it in the manual on the site.
  • boognish75boognish75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,540
    man seeing all these space mmo's makes me long for earth and beyond, and none of the space mmo's play remotely close as to how enb did.

    playing eq2 and two worlds

  • LordconellLordconell Member Posts: 12
    Graphics update would be nice. But getting a Better set up for Civs would be great too. Like more buildings or a Costem build system for Civs to acouly make thier Colonies show growing.
  • KILLkipKILLkip Member Posts: 37

    I think that besides the graphics there should be a living economy. Almost everything is sold in the stores, and there's no need to go mining. Mining is boring, you hardly make money from it and you can buy it from the stores for little money. So that is really eligable for improvement.

    Besides this I think the game is just awesome. You can do whatever you want, join a starfleet ships crew, go bounty hunting, pirating. Or if you've got enough money buy your own civilian ship and start making trade runs. Don't want to do any of this? Start your own empire by planting yr own colony on one of many planets. Sounds boring to you too? Go searching for aliens, you may be the one discovering a new species! . What I'm trying to say, you can absolutely do ANYTHING

    I've been playing this game for like 1.5 years and still I'm not bored  I can really recommend it.

  • SmurfMagicSmurfMagic Member Posts: 664
    wow what a poll, i choose everything !

    but wont that cost alot of money ?

  • TheoTheo Member Posts: 242

    I agree with KILLKip. New graphics would be great, but when all's said and done I'm not playing the game for its looks. Right now the Fleet side seems to play exactly like you'd expect, but the civ side I'm not so sure about.

    For example, I have a civ alt with his own Kennav and I'd like to get him involved in doing cargo runs, maybe even a little smuggling. I'd prefer that actual colonies could post their needs as contracts somehow so that I could pick up actual jobs created by player needs rather than generic "quests". Players could decide how much they're willing to pay or work for.


    Spatial anomolies like wormholes and nebulae and such would be great to see too, but should be kept somewhat rare. Klingon Academy had a great variety of space environments to choose from though, and each had different affects on the ship's systems, like the nebula in Wrath of Khan. It'd be cool to see some of that added in to throw another tactical option into combat.

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