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weg886weg886 Member Posts: 318

I got this game when it came out but did not play very long a week maybe.


But its free now and  they got from biulding houses to destroying them.

They have full pvp from what i read this game may be good to play for a bit.

So if your just setting there looking at this you can also just go to the game download and try it.

Iam downloading it now!


see ya in the game!

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  • BigHatLoganBigHatLogan Member Posts: 688

    The gameplay is pretty good as is the pvp, too bad the graphics and interface or pretty unforgivable, and this is from someone who spent a lot of time playing MUDs

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  • RonnyRulzRonnyRulz Member Posts: 479

    If the game is any good and you get into it (I hear you are forced to get a guild) then I might want to try it, but would need a guild and assistance.

    I like PvP, and I hear Shadowbane is really good, but I do not want to start it searching for a guild. By the time I find one, I'll probably have already lost interest because it usually takes so long.

    So if you find a guild and you like the game, message me and I'll try it out too if your guild will allow it.


  • SolrekSolrek Member Posts: 63

    It was a very ambitious and innovative MMO when it came out. I liked this game when I played it. It is nice to be on with friends because you will need the protection. If you ever get a chance to build a city it gets really addictive. What drove me away were the bugs and cheats though. I'm not sure how much of that has been fixed or not.

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  • DenearionDenearion Member Posts: 48

    i started plaing SB 3 days ago and i am really disappointed with it - i even don't mean graphics (it was kinda funny to find out, after lowering camera from bird perspective that i'm not in the fog, but i'm standing on snow-covered plains image ) but i mean interface and especially camera! it's really easy to move - just put your cursor to the one side of screen. and it SUCKS!!! when it comes to turning around, it's easy to turn it too far and in the wrong direction (!) when you want to turn camera to the right you have to put cursor on the left side - mental. Also changing of vertical perspective should be under pg up and pg down, not just putting cursor to bottom of screen.

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