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new player /may opgrade to full acc

leifdkleifdk Member Posts: 59

hey i am gona try the trail of  reborn

after what i heard  the game is a old

but good game

gfx  is old

and pvp is ok after what i heard

well my q  is   

is ther any one playing or is it dieng fast


  • uoplayer123uoplayer123 Member Posts: 225

    Check this site out , theres a great community that will help as much as they can..




  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804

    Rumour has it dieing fast.


    Almost 2 years of hardly any content.

    KR still should be considered in beta and still no content.


    For pvp I would advise an UO freeshard with old rules anyway.

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