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I just need a little bit of help...

RigonnRigonn Member Posts: 79

I'm new to MU Online and i'm liking the game so far, I only have a bit of doubts and confusion with what to do and how to do it. I already know how to get the starting buff and ive been killing everything up to the Giants, i'm a level 9 Dark Knight. I just do not know how to set up my attributes (str, vitality etc etc), how to get a good set of armor, and how to get my first skills. What should I do, or have I missed any guide in the MU online website that's necessary for me to read?


  • AstralglideAstralglide Member UncommonPosts: 686

    There's a section of commands in the Global Mu website ("C" opens character screen which allows you to edit your stats, "V" opens inventory, etc). I just started too and I am having difficulty figuring out what I am supposed to be doing. I don't mind a little grinding and I like that I am getting used to the controls, but where are the quests at?

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