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this game rocks and u gotta c this for urself!!


and if u have any questions reagarding this game u can just ask me here


  • AryeanAryean Member Posts: 10

    the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AryeanAryean Member Posts: 10

    ok time to gice a reason y this game spite it being beta-development..

    in game

    graphics are not that good but not that bad doesnt kill your eyes^^.a lot different than typical MMORPGs 1 char=1 in SC(Spellcasters) u get to do everything u want for short its like a strategy game in w/c ur character will stand out acccording to the build

    and how you play..(spells affect also)..and yet this game is still under development(but playable already)..


    you will rarely see a very friendly community where you share ideas w/. GMs are good and accepts suggestions plus very hardworking^^



    if you guyz wanna see what im talking about give this game a chance!! you wouldnt lose anything if u give it a try or u can go to forum and learn more about the game^^..


    im not a member of the development group but i myself is a player who truly cares for this very promising game!!! well then cya!

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