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ArchLord: First Archlords Crowned

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Codemasters has announced that earlier this week the first two Archlords have won their crowns. Congratulations to Icecube of Genesis and Hellmaster of EyesofWar.

It was a tough evening of battle for all those involved, as players on both servers gathered to take part in the biggest fight of their MMO lives.

Without further adieu Codemasters Online is pleased to announced Icecube of Genesis and Hellmaster of EyesofWar, as the two new ArchLords.

All the guilds involved were well drilled, and the organisation of those taking part was phenomenal.

Let's hope they enjoy their reign, and look forward to defending the ArchLord crown again in a few weeks.

We shall be announcing the winner of the ArchLord suit of Armour in the next couple of days, but it was a close one!

Once again, congratulations to the new ArchLords.

Read more here.


  • JadetoothJadetooth Member UncommonPosts: 372

    "Icecube" and "Hellmaster" .... i just can't take it serious :(


  • XTinTioNXTinTioN Member Posts: 205

    Ye saw it alive ^^


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  • hadubnanohadubnano Member Posts: 82

    Originally posted by skinnys

    "Icecube" and "Hellmaster" .... i just can't take it serious :(
    At least it wasn't "Skinnys" and "hadubnano".

    But I bet some guys named "118assw3e" and "AbortedFetus" actually won and they fixed the competition to avoid that kind of PR disaster.

  • pompey606pompey606 Member UncommonPosts: 439

    damn when i played Archlord i was in a guild with those guys.... oh well i saved a half year of my life!


  • AirspellAirspell Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,391

      I wanna be Archlord and be as cool as icecube :P


  • PfhobiaPfhobia Member Posts: 18

    I think it's pretty awesome being ArchLord. I just started playing, but I know I never will become one, I'm not going to waste my time playing it all day long.

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