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Godswar Online: Suggestion Collecting Event

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Ever had dreams of being a game designer? IGG has announced that they want your ideas, suggestions and criticism for their greek mythology based game, Godswar Online.

Right now, IGG / JoyConnect Studio is busy working on the final stages of GodsWar development. In order to create GW as a real players' game, the officials are holding this wonderful activity. Players who have dreamed of being a programmer or designer of an MMO game can now take this unique opportunity to make their dreams come true. Every suggestion will be viewed and evaluated prudently and any constructive suggestions will have the chance to be included in GodsWar design work.

Besides that, each player who gives us suggestions will be rewarded with the honor of making a special contribution to GWO and will have priority in experiencing the game as well.

Please head over to the Suggestion Zone to get more information and to submit your ideas. We wish everyone good luck!

Make your suggestions here.


  • FlummoxedFlummoxed Member Posts: 591

    Yet another IGG piece of junk that took about 2 weeks to design and code.

    My suggestion: Stop mass producing this trash.   


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