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Coming back

AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650

I'm working on coming back to one of my favorite mmos right now :P.

Hoping to stay with it this time, but I'm gonna need some info.

What server is decently populated, so I dont have to wait in the dunes for a month because parties never happen?

Really thats all.


  • dominiadominia Member Posts: 191

    I'm on Bismarck after leaving Fairy due to too few lower levels.

    So far there seems to be a decent number of new players in Sandy where I'm at as well as the AH is pretty full with new player gear which is a definite plus.

    If you decide to roll here, my ingame name is also Dominia.

    Currently Playing: GW2
    Retired: Shadowbane, DAoC, WoW, FFXI, Eve Online, SWToR

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  • AmaraoAmarao Member UncommonPosts: 650

    Hopefully I'll be in touch with you in the next few days.

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