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Question on my internet speed

BahkBahk Member Posts: 259

hey guys, im on a cable modem isp.. it seems pretty slow when playing games, I ran a test and it showed im only getting 800kbs-1.2mb speeds. Im supposed to be getting up to 6mbs, whats wrong here? Please give me some advice thanks.


  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

    not understanding the wording of the contract and ad, they're designed to let ISPs lie.

    up to 6Mbs, you will always get less.

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  • xxthecorexxxxthecorexx Member Posts: 1,078

    when i first got my cable line they advertised it at 5 mbps which i never saw, but over the past year sometime my line has been capped at 2 mbps and IF i want up to 5 there's an additional charge.. bastards.


    anyway.. head over to http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest  it lets you compare your line speed to other people in your area with the same ISP.


  • baffbaff Member Posts: 9,457

    Reboot your router if you are using one. And then test again.

    Routers can seriously dampen your bandwidth.



  • Malachi1975Malachi1975 Member Posts: 1,079

    Also, what site/service are you using for your speedtest? You'll get varying results from Toast.net, Internetfrog,com, and DSLReports.com

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  • IbextoIbexto Member Posts: 277

    The problem with cable internet is simple.  The amount of bandwidth available is limited by the users logged in.  If there was NO ONE but you on-line at your particular hub, you would get 6Mb.  Unfortunately there will always be someone on.  My provider says 10Mb, but I normally get around 4 or 5, yet if I log on at 3 in the morning, I can get up to 17-19.

    Hope that helps.


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