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Age of Conan: AoC at Dragoncon

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

Funcom has announced that Age of Conan will once again have a major showing at this year's Dragoncon.

We are pleased to confirm that we will once again have a big presence at the mega Dragoncon event (www.dragoncon.org). This is North America's largest sci fi/fantasy convention and the event grows bigger each year. It takes place in Atlanta, Georgia from August 31st thru September 3.


We have a large number of Funcom attendees, volunteers from ARK and fansites/guilds/alliances attending the event this year. Just to give a short list of known faces in relation to Age of Conan :

  • Athelan - Game Designer for Age of Conan
  • Jorgen - Product Director for Funcom
  • Silirrion - Game Director for Anarchy-Online
  • Pharamond - Community Manager for Funcom
  • Terri - Product Manager for Funcom
  • Many many more!

Contest, Costumes and Stuff!

Yes there will be Stuff! There will be many opportunities for prizes this year! We are giving anything from Conan swords to a customized laptop from IbuyPower!

Please remember that costumes at Dragoncon are not only allowed, they're ENCOURAGED!

Read more here.


  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan AdvocateMember UncommonPosts: 7,183

    looks like a fun event!

    A few guildies will be attending with camera's

  • MR-BubblesMR-Bubbles Member Posts: 649

    Originally posted by AmazingAvery

    looks like a fun event!
    A few guildies will be attending with camera's


    [imagines Avery among a groupe of fat greasy  be-speckled 'barbarians'] .

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    Currently Playing : EvE Online.

  • evilastroevilastro Member Posts: 4,270

    Stop spending all your time and effort on conventions and finish the damn game first!

    No more delaysssss :-(

  • whitedelightwhitedelight Member Posts: 1,544

    I may drop in on the 2nd or 3rd


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