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SB.exe Errors with Older ATI Cards

KruugarKruugar Member Posts: 43

I'd love to give SB a Try...

But I keep getting SB.exe errors randomly...

Is that normal?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------FROM THE TECH FORUMS

Please follow the below directions to remedy the severe crashing issues.

Uninstall your current drivers.


Download and install the Radeon Omega Drivers 3.8.205 (Catalyst 6.1).


Download and install the latest DirectX 9.


Then download this settings file (Right Click, Save As). Unzip it, then place it in the Config folder in the Shadowbane folder overwriting the old one.

The default install location is C:/Program Files/Ubi/Shadowbane/

Now if crashing still persists use the Radeon Omega Drivers 2.6.25a (Catalyst 5.4) with the directions above.



  • ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955

    No its not normal. You should post this on their tech forum. You may need to change the driver for your video card


  • KruugarKruugar Member Posts: 43

    Alright, will do.

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