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When do you think the new expansion will come out?

Seeing as it may be a few months before actual testing, and a couple more until final release, feel free to place your ETAs here, just month and year is enough.

My estimate: February/March 2008

Sidenote: Please stay on topic, if you hate have anything against WoW, this isn't the place to moan about how stupid and immature you are. I have yet to see a mature, well-thought WoW feedback post.

Not really happy that the level cap is being increased, but I can't wait to see the destructable buildings and siege weapons, but better not jump to conclusions and wait.

Post away.



  • letum6030letum6030 Member Posts: 206

    I think the expansion will be released between 1 week and a month before WAR is released.  Wait until WAR announces a release date and then you'll have a pretty good idea of the release date for WotLK. 

  • FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130

    Good point, Blizzard should really focus on crowd-pleasing content this time.


  • letum6030letum6030 Member Posts: 206

    They should, but they don't have to.  They have a system that is working for them.  Why fix what's not broken?  Although I don't like the fact that they are trying to play catch-up. They have had a while to implement all of the things that other games (which were announced quite some time ago) are now focusing on. 

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