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HELPPP i tryed this game (and it sucks) but it wont let me uninstall HELP


  • canb1canb1 Member Posts: 6
    eh hellooo. Somebody plz help me!!!!
  • AaronhasabraAaronhasabra Member Posts: 27
    wow someones a little idiot go to set program access and default than click on the top one and i think you can handle it from there
  • canb1canb1 Member Posts: 6
    Dude, im not that dumb. It says it has errors with the internet  even tho my internet is fine.

    And even if you were right thats so rude and obnoxious to say,

     Geez learn some manners
  • miketarsmiketars Member Posts: 7

    try unplugging the internet and going to my computer then open  "add or remove program" and try uninstalling there ...if that doesnt work  then i dont no wats ggoing on  (im guessing you ve already tried this)

  • canb1canb1 Member Posts: 6

    well i tryed just shutting off the web but that didnt work, ill try the plug instead

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