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Terrible Game

wtf is this? A total Sims Online rip with worse graphics and a feel that this game was mostly made for females. Plus it wants people to pay 5$ to get it? I don't know anyone in the right mind who would play this


  • Tivmmorpg1Tivmmorpg1 Member UncommonPosts: 28

    There isnt a mmorpg really. Though Im sure it's evolved a bit since I tried it in beta, its really just a chat room with avatars. Think of it as a rather basic version of 2nd Life (which I have not played). What turned me off was that it felt like I was a virtual shopper in a virtual mall. I have no desire to play make believe shopper, try on clothes, and whatnot; but clearly I was not the target demographic for this "game." Once I realized that, I left and can only hope that those who continue to play There enjoy themselves.

    Peace now.

  • pinebaronpinebaron Member UncommonPosts: 28
    Unlike the Sims Online, There is true 3D.  I'd argue that the visuals are superior to the Sims Online's, especially since There has increased the quality and maximum size on user-created objects.

    It's really not a "game," as the previous poster has noted.  It's a social environment.

    It does have mini-games such as vehicle racing and paintball.  They're seamlessly integrated in the 3D world, though, so maybe it's unfair to call them mini-games.

    "a feel that this game was mostly made for females."

    Yeah, the social orientation and fashion design/shopping elements tend to appeal to females. 
  • SethonSethon Member Posts: 11

    I hate people who dog this game because you can't just log in and "LOLZ I KEELZ U!!!1!"
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