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Marvel Universe online

Quest1209Quest1209 Member Posts: 5

Marvel is coming out with its very own MMO for 360 and pc Check it out



Dc comics is coming out with a similar game for ps3 and pc just to compete


  • icedearth1icedearth1 Member Posts: 1

    To Bad it is a vista game.

  • AlphamatroxoAlphamatroxo Member Posts: 32

    If they want players I'm sure they'll patch it to be XP compatible


  • CrisallCrisall Member Posts: 26

    If DC's makeing there own version do you think they will have crossovers?


  • therain93therain93 Member UncommonPosts: 2,039

    First, this isn't a rumor, it is super old news (pun intended : ' )

    Second, by the time it does come out, Vista will have a sizeable install base although some people will still be stuck on xp by choice rather than pricing.

    Third, crossovers are pretty doubtful considering this is MS versus SOE, never mind how crazy Marvel and Dc jumped over Cryptic and Pandemic studios because you could  (and some people did) recreate their coyrighted heroes in those games (City of Heroes and Freedom Force, respectively.)

  • Willyp76Willyp76 Member Posts: 61

    I think its funny that microsoft thinks people are going to switch to vista just becuase they make a gae that is only for vista.  I for one will not switch to a broken piece of junk software just to play one game learned my lesson with xp when it first came out.  Sorry Microsoft but you will not get my money until you fix your product.

  • ArcaneMarineArcaneMarine Member Posts: 36

    Well in partial support of Microsoft...if Vista was everything Microsoft said it was then I could see enticing gamers to switch to Vista by having Vista only games.

    But unfortunately as Willy alluded to Vista needs SP1 badly.  Once SP! comes out...then I may jump to Vista.

    Now back to the Marvel Universe...I hope that Marvel and even DC for that matter can come out with an awesome game.  CoHCoV is a well built game...fantastic character creation, great graphics and great grouping capabilities.  The area where it falters in my opinion is that it just seems too repetitious.  Hopefully Marvel andor DC can have all of CoHCoV great parts and work a little more on making the game a little less repetitious.

    By the way...didn't Marvel partner with Cyptic (produced CoHCoV) to create the Marvel universe?

  • JadetoothJadetooth Member UncommonPosts: 372

    Originally posted by ArcaneMarine
    By the way...didn't Marvel partner with Cyptic (produced CoHCoV) to create the Marvel universe?

    Yes. Yes they did.


    And SOE is making an mmo based on the DC comics


    My cash are getting thrown at Cryptic and marvel.


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