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Herbalist jobchange...

i tried so hard for herbalist jobchange bcoz of the hunting requirement: 2 killer cactus(level 15) i'm only level 9, what is the best thing to do??? plz help me. . .



  • lenis6666lenis6666 Member Posts: 5

    just go and kill them if u die come back again and kill thaths all what u nedd to do

  • Chase850Chase850 Member Posts: 3

    You could try to abandon the quest.. but the requirements are the same.. Kill two cactus's (lvl 14)


  • lostgirl619lostgirl619 Member Posts: 4

    I find it easy to find someone there and ask them nicely to help me kill 2 of them.  They just have to party you for 2-10 seconds and you will be done.

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    Or you can just train tll lvl 12 or 13 and you can kill them easylie

    Or party semeone you know or in the area of the killer cactus


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