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Need help on sig...

Badaxe101Badaxe101 Member Posts: 55

I still don't understand how to add a sig so can anyone please help me?

Also when i find out how, can anyone with some photoshop skills be willing to make me one plz . thnx. 

If anyone is willing to here is what i want...

contains a minotaur

maybe a minotaur with an axe

a heroic background maybe or mountains or stuff like that    

a good color scheme  for a hero

oh and a nice effect on ''badaxe101''

nothing girly or anything but not to scary either. what i really want is a warrior, hero, minotaur thing if its not any trouble

anyway its you're choise but it wouldb be so kind if you do.  ty.  


Power doesn't come from the weapon, but from the warrior wielding it.


  • tyejaetyejae Member Posts: 1

    If you are interested in a sig you can check my site out, I'm sure I could make something for you if you like what i've currently done. Just take a look through the site and if you do like what you see fill out the request form and I'll get started on it.

    Visit MMO Sigs!!

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