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Linux or Windows? How about Cedega.

DaShizDaShiz Member Posts: 375

Well, I'm kind of an enthusiast for linux but havn't gotten too much into it because not every game can really run on linux or WineX(Linux that can run Windows apps) for that matter. My Dad is actually a huge fan of it and runs a Linux community of a couple thousand people and is always trying to convince me to try out Linux more. He recently sent me a link to a website that did a review on Cedega which is a new version of Linux that can supposedly run any windows program. I checked it out and it kind of intrugued me, so I'm going to try it out sometime soon, but in the meen time I just wanted to give some people a heads up if they were ever curious about Linux, but concerned as I am that most games will run on it. Here is the Link.

Your scathing wit and daring insight into the turbulent political crags of the internet are shining beacons of truth and purity for the slight remaining masses of visionless hypocriticial sheep who bleat at the thought of your glory

Your scathing wit and daring insight into the turbulent political crags of the internet are shining beacons of truth and purity for the slight remaining masses of visionless hypocriticial sheep who bleat at the thought of your glory


  • BenjarroBenjarro Member Posts: 206

    well your dad is right linux is better then windows.

    but there is just one little thingy about it

    not mutch games support linux.

    and lots and lots of programmes do not support linux.

    linux is better than windows it cant be hacket as easelly and its mutch faster+you dont get the standard windows crap on your comp that you never use.

    but as we can see that you are a member of mmorpg you are testing beta's and play games.

    therefor you can better use windows.





  • RazageRazage Member Posts: 53

    Linux is also very different from windows. I had to have someone walk me through how to use it on my second comp VIA MSN. Using it is very tricky and there's more command line commands that must be memorized then in windows. Picking up a Linux "How to" book wouldn't be a bad idea. Even with a X-Window interface like Gnome or KDE you'll still need to know a couple of Linux command line functions.

    Also one very important thing: NEVER EVER power down your computer without shutting down Linux first. Sometimes Linux can fix the damage it self but the longer your computer stays off after being powered down without shutting down linux, the worse the damage gets. I had someone shut down my Linux machine without shutting down linux and I didn't find out until the next day and the whole operating system was done. I switched back to windows so I wouldn't run the risk of family members doing that again.

  • MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

    Razaga how long ago was that, Ive never really had that problem with Suse when I use it on my other comp.

    I much prefer Linux, and with the compatabilty issues, there are programs that can help you with the majority of programs.

    and you can pretty much garuntee there is a an app that will lets you play the most popular widows games on linux.

    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783
    Windows is so big right now and it might be forever, so its hard to see a small company try and go up aginest the big guys.

  • RazageRazage Member Posts: 53

    Was only about a year or so ago. But it was Redhat which has little to no help because they want you to pay for the support so they can make the big bucks.

    I'm sure other distro's give you more of a helping hand then Redhat does. If I would have known that at the time I wouldn't have chosen Redhat.

  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Member Posts: 1,476

    Linux is nice when you have a specific use for it. Set up a firewall box, a mail server, a web server, etc. But, for a general use box, especially if you play games, then it just does not cut it.

    You also have to have some good knowledge to use Linix, as a lot of program you find for Linux require you to recompile them before use. If you do not know how to do that, then you end messing around for an hour, just to get one simple program you downloaded to work.

  • RazageRazage Member Posts: 53

    Yeah, Linux is good for spacific computer uses. Firewall, webserver. It's like a swiss-army knife that can be configured for optimal use in a number of situations.

    However when you deviate from its standard uses. It becomes more of an adventure in how to make the system do what you want to do. If you're looking to do whatever it is that you want your system to do, then Linux isn't for you. If you're wanting to learn more about computers and operating systems, then Linux is a much better choice.

    Linux is much more user driven then Windows is. This is advantagious if you know what you need to do and what the purpose behind what you're doing is. However if you're just looking to actually USE the computer instead of tinker with it, get Windows as it does all the system tasks for you. I used Linux as a webserver/game server, and I never used it for anything else. The poster above is correct, for general use, use Windows. To tinker with computers, use Linux. To want to experiance pain of biblical proportions, use a mac (hahaha, that was a crack at all those mac users out there.)

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