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Review of EVE online.



  • MalkavianMalkavian Member UncommonPosts: 2,995

    Originally posted by Keltin

    The original poster is quite right on every point he made.  He summed it all up when he said you have to brown nose your way into big corps and get allowed to mine for them.  He didn't slant the truth of this game in any way.  This is an accurate description of a bad MMO.

    I've been playing since beta and have one of the oldest and most advanced accounts in the game. If anyone starting out in this game would like to mine or get a better feel for the game in many respects, join one of the largest organisations without having to brown-nose squat by contacting me. Id be happy to answer any questions you might have about this game.

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    "When you find yourself sinking into Madness, dive"

  • JipsterJipster Member Posts: 23

    Hi all, I do love a nice debate so just thought I'd throw my 2 new pence into the hat aswell as far as EVE is concerned. First off, I have played EVE since beta and apart from a few months off I'm still there.

    There's a lot of pro & con responses here, and tbh I can see the point in most of them. The thing is that EVE is just a game, and as such, if you don't like it then fair enough. No-one can make u like it but that is also just your opinion, and more than likely that opinion has been bolstered by a few like-minded trolls who also don't like it. I've played Earth & Beyond in beta, and also DAOC - I even bought DAOC on recommendation. Both bored me senseless. I don't troll those games, I just realised they didn't push any buttons for me so I quit them.

    The thing that keeps me returning to EVE is that the game is what u make of it. It is just like Elite on a mmog scale. I can't personally apologise for the bad time some of you have had from just joining for the free trial, as I know that your game experience wasn't ruined by myself. As with any game, there are some serious pillocks about in EVE and sounds like you met some of them :( Bearing in mind that there can be 10k players on at peak times then sounds like u lucked out big-time on the %'s.

    As for the game is geared towards the old fart veterans like myself, then that isn't true. The upcoming patches are aimed at redressing the balance between combat between all ship types meaning that frigates will play as much of a part of any battle as a battleship does. Even before then, all ship types were relevant - I just read the post about someones corp of relative n00bs kicked the ass of a well known PK. Great work I must say :) Those players did their homework, and got the reward for it - that is a FACT of EVE. There is so much to EVE that if you do want any reward then u have to put the work in, and I'm not talking about mining. What I mean is to learn what the game is about and how to play it. It isn't a game u can just walk into and hope to powerplay your way to lvl 99.

    Corps are run by real people and so fall foul of the failings of human nature ie: greed, egomania and stupidity. I'm sorry some of you had the misfortune to join a corp with leaders or members with such endearing qualities as those. Our corp sounds very similar to Malk's in principle - we never force anyone to do anything they don't want to but they are more than welcome to join in on any corp activity. Those who hate mining do agent missions, trade or hunt NPC's. A friendly corp is anti-PK so we join them on PK-hunts on occasion. All corp mining expeditions have an equal split on the gross result whether mining, hauling or defending.

    I can go on and on, but I've got to put the dinner on, so just to say once more that EVE is what u make it. The skills system allows u to specialise in anything you choose to do. Read up more on the main EVE webby for background, or one of the many EVE fansites (I recommend ). There are people there not just willing to discuss game mechanics and help/offer advice, but are also active in the RP side of it - yes, RP in EVE is active and thriving :)


    PS: I'm not a fanboy - I do my fair share of swearing at the game every day aswell. It has it's quirks but on the whole it works

  • MolRobMolRob Member Posts: 1


    I very like EVE online!The best in Eve online the PvP.Very  tactical game example:make a good fitting.

  • TalphiTalphi Member Posts: 1
    For anyone who reads this far into this thread you should now something.  The best weapon in PvP has been missiles.  More players used them more than any other weapon in PvP.  Recently, an update was added that changed the whole mission launcher system.  An example of this was that battelships were using standard missile launchers (tiny little things meant for small frigate ship).  They could only put one cruise missile (best missile in game) in the launcher at a time, then they would reload after every missle.  The patch/update has limited which missiles go in which launchers.  You can't do that anymore.  To use cruise missiles, you have to use cruise launchers, which that up more of the ship resources.  This has added a new balance to the game and upset many older players.  In responce, many older (and cruel players - they liked to gank newer players) are gone.  So,  if you want to join Eve now, you'll be in the company of a nicer/younger community. image
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