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Anyone Playing?

Please post if you like or dislike this game please.


  • slivethsliveth Member Posts: 5

    why dont you see it yourself, it is free to play =)

    also, you may find more info about the game on:

  • AryeanAryean Member Posts: 10

    this game owns dude!!! yeah

  • AryeanAryean Member Posts: 10

    this game is in beta-development but so far so good

    this game is incomplete yet but promises a lot and will further add more features w/c im sure will make this game far more better!!

  • x1xcreedx1xx1xcreedx1x Member Posts: 1

    so far its a real good are great.i know it will be a good game

  • DynastiesDynasties Member Posts: 9

    I liked it :P I'd definitly recommend it.

  • kurt3586kurt3586 Member Posts: 3

    this game is lame... I dl on my droid - played it for a little while then deleted it.

    Most games for the droid are considered "time killers" as mentioned by another in this thread even.

    There are so many more fun time killers than this.




    Bonsai Blast


    imho this game is lame. lol

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