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Corum font.

PwndStarPwndStar Member Posts: 111

Is it just me or is the font all messed up for the english beta?

I get strange characters in almost all the words. In the game, even on server select it is a lot worse than this screen shot.

I took a screen shot of what I'm talking about. Hopefully someone here can either help me with the issue or at least let me know I'm not the only one.



age of conan



  • ViolertViolert Member Posts: 33

    Woahh.. I don't play, but thats a bit.. Uhh, odd? xD Well g'luck. 

    But I'm an idiot, so you've been warned <3

  • Lo-KiLo-Ki Member UncommonPosts: 98

    its a the first letter of each picture.  Iunno' but that's weird...

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