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The Saga of Ryzom: Play Free This Weekend!

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Neverax is opening the Ryzom beta test to EVERYONE who wants to participate this 4th of July weekend!  If you would like to take this up and coming MMORPG for a spin then you should register now and get the client software!  Here is their official announcement:

Paris, France - June 30, 2004 - Nevrax, an online game and software development company, announced today that The Saga of Ryzom, which is currently in a closed "focus beta" stage, will open its beta test for a special play session this 4th of July weekend.

If you'd like to try The Saga of Ryzom but are not part of the closed beta, here's your chance to spend a few days checking out what's been going on since the end of the open beta. The long awaited Tryker civilization is now available for play, as well as their beautiful Lakelands.

"The Lakelands are the most technically intricate of all the areas in Ryzom due to the large amount of water," explains David Cohen Corval, CEO of Nevrax, "Therefore, it has taken longer to implement, but it is also the most beautiful of the lands. It's a fair trade-off."

The free weekend will begin on July 1st and continue through early Monday July 5th. Anyone with a beta account will be able log into the servers to play. If you do not already have an account you can fill out an application at www.ryzom.com/subscribe/ and download the client here. However, there is a limit of 1,000 players per server so make sure to log in early or continue to check back should the servers be full.

This will be the first of several 'Open Weekends' as the closed beta progresses to allow testing of implemented features, server stability, balance, and other issues that may crop up before the launch of game in September.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • SirPeterSirPeter Member Posts: 33

    we,who was in Open Beta 3, can use the old Client and will be update ingame,or do we have to dl a new client?

  • tammer59tammer59 Member Posts: 2
    one thing to mention is that you cannot become a community member if you only use webmail. I use hotmail only because I have changes ISP's many times over the past few years and I don't want to get a new email address every time. I guess that because of this I'm SOL for ryzom beta...

  • SirPeterSirPeter Member Posts: 33

    Originally posted by SirPeter
    we,who was in Open Beta 3, can use the old Client and will be update ingame,or do we have to dl a new client?
    tnx for answering :(

    meanwhile i was ingame,but sux to lag at day
    at night its very good to play but i dont like the tryker and rebuild a Fyros afterwards

  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199

    Too bad its only this weekend..

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