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  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718
    sorry but I'm going with WoW as the main course and EQ II will have to be rations

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  • DaemonifugeDaemonifuge Member Posts: 8
    Well, I know that it will take a long time, but at least they have announced it.

  • ImperiusImperius Member Posts: 5

    Both EQ2 and WoW look impressive and are both gonna be good games..  but here's the thing: 

    Blizzard has a long track record of coming out with the most complete, polished, and highly acclaimed games.  I've been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft and have not been even mildly disappointed by any of them.

    On the other hand, I played EQ from original release for 2 and a half years... the game was buggy, customer support sucked, balance was way off, exploits up the wazoo, but it was the only thing out besides UO so you HAD to tolerate it.  I think EQ2, at final release, is gonna be the same and will take up to another year before it reaches the level of development/depth/content that WoW already has at 3 months into beta... 

    I'm no fanboy of WoW, not one bit.  I hope both games are highly successful and fun to play, but I only have the time to play 1 of them and it's gonna be the best one.  My money's on WoW.

    Who knows?  Maybe even Guildwars will surpass them both image

  • GambinoGambino Member Posts: 31

    Oracle, I think it will be less than five years condsidering the fact that it is an RTS and not so advanced as the MMO's.

  • GambinoGambino Member Posts: 31

    We can expect Starcraft II in LESS than five years.

  • OracleP4OracleP4 Member Posts: 495
    Just so you know, Warcraft III was an RTS and it took about 4 years to make from the very very beginning to the release of the game.  We haven't seen any screens of StarCraft II yet, so 5 years isn't much of an exaggeration.  Blizzard takes a very long time to make their games.  Once you see the first actual screenshot expect the game to be released in about 3 years.

    "Do I come to your workplace and tell you how to kill civilians? No, so don't tell me how to do my job" - Sam Fischer.


    "Do I come to your workplace and tell you how to kill civilians? No, so don't tell me how to do my job" - Sam Fischer.


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