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Yankees92292Yankees92292 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 47
Everytime i extract the files for the downloaded game...At like 40/59 it says "cannot get files". It pisses me off becuase i heard the game was decent and my computer wont let me get it. Any Advice?

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  • FrootiiFrootii Member Posts: 5
    Download the game from the following locations.

    A3 Full Game - Part 1 RAR FILE

    A3 Full Game - Part 2 RAR FILE

    A3 Full Game - Part 3 RAR FILE

    Then run the intallation. Should go smoothly.

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  • CCDeathCCCCDeathCC Member Posts: 128

    me too dude when i install this game its say what say to u too

    but i decided to leave this game its bad


    Hey Everyone

  • agiraagira Member Posts: 9

    Links already are dead :( i need this files too :(

    That game is my first MMORPG what i am played some time ago if not counting runescape, just no server where i played at that times.. :( I very loved this game, but my PC motherboard and CPU core burned then.. and some time i had no good enought PC to play it again and when i tried to back i found then not exist server where i played at that times...

  • rpgonrpgon Member Posts: 8

    you may try again later, i think it is game server problem.

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