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lvl 1-40 fastest way?

O_oL2_rulesO_oL2_rules Member Posts: 3

imageI am gonna be a silver ranger and i want to know whats the fastest way to lvl to 40image


  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270


    You mean in terms of where to hunt though?

    I suggest...

    1-20 just... hunt... it's not hard...


    20-25 Hunt in RoD (Ruins of Dispair)...

    25-28 Hunt in the south Wastelands (take a teleport from the Gludin NPC)

    28-31 Hunt in EG (Execution Grounds)

    31-35 Hunt the Wyrms/Medusa's and Harpies just East of Giran

    35-39 Hunt Death Pass (or whatever it's called... starts with "Death") just North of Giran... don't go into Dragon Valley though...

    and there you go... do your SR quest and have fun image

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  • dansxyzdansxyz Member Posts: 5

    20 - 26 lvl you can practice in Ruins of despairs;
    26 - 35 lvl you can kill any live form in Cruma tower rings
    35 - ... lvl you can visit Waste lands death pass and every place (because you will start profecy quest )

  • spookytoothspookytooth Member Posts: 508

    Originally posted by O_oL2_rules
    imageI am gonna be a silver ranger and i want to know whats the fastest way to lvl to 40image

    first: IGE
    second: buy the top grade you can use
    third: burn through ungodly amounts of ss

    Even then its gonna take some time. Getting to 20 should only take you one weekend. Hitting 40 is another story.....::::15::

    good luck ::::28::

  • DrunkPlayerDrunkPlayer Member Posts: 16
    After 40 go the the cemetery or Cruma Tower. After 52 go to the back of the cemetery or party in dragon valley caves, After 61 when u use A grade go to the dragon valley and fight monsters by urself and finally 67 when u use S grade fight with the kariks. That's my experience tough. And I play anoother server image

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  • g33ksTag33ksTa Member Posts: 13

    Try this...

    1-10 -> Starter Town

    10-20 -> Gludio Area

    20-25 -> Ruins of Despair

    25-30 -> Dion Surrounding and Cruma Swamp

    30-37 -> Breka Stronghold

    37+ -> Death Pass

    This is a good way to level up fast and neverthless you will have very cool drops, expecially when it comes to materials. As for adena, don't expect to much...

    Have fun.

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    - Bounty Hunter lvl6x

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  • rawrozorrawrozor Member Posts: 42

    Can't believe I will be first to say this one.

    L2Walker is quickest way 1-40. Doesn't matter where you level as long as they your level.

    Set it up, go have a sandwich, take a nap, take a shower shave, whatever floats your boat.

    Come back and whoa your level42. O.o

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