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Sir-SvenSir-Sven Member Posts: 773

Check the news section here is a link. Click here.

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  • Nmbr6Nmbr6 Member Posts: 73
    Very sad but I was thinking this would happen when the devs had to more to CA(most stayed). Here is the offical EA

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  • DienekesDienekes Member Posts: 484
    It amazing that EA has done this a SECOND time.  Not all that suprising I guess.  EA's stomach has no room for risk.  Well I personally will not expect any half way decent MMO to come out of EA.  This has just proven that they don't really care what the community thinks of them as long as they are "safe" inside their shell.  Think UO will ever decline and force EA to put something decent on the market in the future?

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  • sschruppsschrupp Member UncommonPosts: 623

    I wish EA would do us all a favor and just stick to sports games. Let good companies pick up the fun non-sports games and MMORPGs. I got excited about UO2. *splat* I got very excited about UXO. *splat* And their reasoning to drop it according to the official press release? To focus more on UO and some future product. Um... hello? Wasn't UXO a future product? Wasn't there a large fan base just waiting to buy it? And with all due respect to those that like UO... BLECH! I don't know how they can still be making money from that franchise. To each their own I guess.

    After pulling this stunt on top of the other stupid moves I say EA can just take a flying leap. image

  • harmonicaharmonica Member Posts: 339

    Richard Garriot is rolling over in his grave.


    Game looked promising (especially the combat system), but god forbid there be a new innovative combat system game and it actually make it out of the beta phase before being cancelled. They plan to "merge" UXO with UO... yeah right. We all saw Blackthorn's Revenge, that was a piece of crap "merging" of UO2 with UO.


  • RegusRegus Member Posts: 489

    an other one bites the dust,

    there are just way to many mmorpg being develloped at the moment, companies can't make profit when they go gold, Dnl WoW, EQ2, DE, FoM to name a few big ones that are coming out this year or next.

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  • virtuellavirtuella Member UncommonPosts: 699

    EA is a big fat bunch of liers.
    They insured everyone that UXO would be fine after they closed down Origin and relocated a lot of the staff.
    Now once again we see what EA stands for.

    First they cancelled UO 2.
    And now they do it UXO.

    What the heck is wrong with those suits over at EA?
    Did they director got hes thief nerfed in Ultima Online and now this is how he takes revenge twice by pissing off the players who followed UXO for years.

    A huge company like EA should have the money to take a little risk once in a while.
    Or atleast they should have the balls to atleast be honest from the start.



  • baronakubaronaku Member Posts: 15

  • KragmoorKragmoor Member Posts: 3

    I should have forseen this coming, and here I thought UXO would be the next MMO that I fully got into. Oh well, I'm trying out the Asheron's Call 2 trial so I'll tinker with that for a little while as I make plans for my next move.

    Sad indeed...


  • flabairflabair Member Posts: 188

    Man i hate EA and havent bought anything from them for a while, i was looking forward to UXO and i guess they didnt see any money coming in so they junked another game in there great fashion for doing so. hope a company with some guts and insight will pick it up and roll with whats done so far.

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316
    What else can be said ?  EA sucks !  Worst game company.  How many games they have cancelled ?  Stick to sport game and leave the mmorpg world alone !   I'll never buy a EA game ever.  DAMN that game was looking so promising :(

  • AzronAzron Member Posts: 41

    Originally posted by Aguitha
    What else can be said ?  EA sucks !  Worst game company.  How many games they have cancelled ?  Stick to sport game and leave the mmorpg world alone !   I'll never buy a EA game ever.  DAMN that game was looking so promising :(



    what a hypocrite most of you are, look at the guy above. He says EA sucks and the game they were developing was looking so promosing in the same paragraph.


    Face it just because you few noobs wanted to play UOX doesnt mean EA should finish making it just for you noobs. THey know EQII is the shit, they know most MMORPG fans will go to EQII, they know they will loose money, they are doing the right thing by canning the game. There is no point making a game that won't make money.

    EA makes good games but their support is fucking horrible. Patches take forever and so do answers to important questions. EA would never survive with an MMORPG they have no customer service. C&C Generals was such a kick ass game but they left it full of bugs for so long most people got fed up and quit. Same with the expansion it was great but had bugs and I quit before we ever saw a patch, takes them too damn long.


    NHL 2004, great game but I had to wait months and months for an official roster update. With an MMORPG this would never fly and EA knows they dont give a shit about their customers once they have boughted the game so they see why they cannot have a popular MMO.

  • kptonekptone Member Posts: 137
    I am glad this game was canceled. I think they realized that they would not get any competition since EQ2 and WoW are the most hyped games.

  • Sir-SvenSir-Sven Member Posts: 773

    I didn't know UX:O didn't have any in game support! That wouldn't work at all! And Azron is right to say that EA was right to cancel UX:O because the other competition. I agree.
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  • ConerValloreConerVallore Member Posts: 36

    Its a very sad day:(

    No UXO wasnt as big as EQ2 or WoW but at one point it had a huge community with amazing devs. UXO had the bests setup of the three games, and I think as a member on the MMO community this is a sad day for us all. UXO would have give us a new way to look at mmos.


  • Amd64_FX_53Amd64_FX_53 Member Posts: 421
    Yea i jsut learned that...Crap

    intel sucks even with their 3.6

    Imperium Acranum rapped me

  • jonesyorgjonesyorg Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Whoa there fella's, EA sucks? What about Battlefiled 1942? The Sims? Medal of Honor? The whole LotR series? And just about every sports game worth playing?

    They made a business decision, and if you look at their stock, you'll see how continued "sound business decisions" keep them churning out great titles. It's sad to see another mmorpg get cancelled, but (and I apologize to the UO fans) this gives EA more resources to devote to other, more viable games.

  • LuRaviLuRavi Member Posts: 239
    oh I'd say they got lucky with Battlefield 1942, it was a sleeper blow up hit for them. It came out of nowhere to be a very positive seller for them.

  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127
    They still make money off of UO because they dangle carrots in front of their players and the stupid little bunnies bite. I didn't buy the new 7th AE as I don't have the desire to waste $20 of my money on something that incredibly stupid, but almost all my friends bought at least one copy just to get a pretty ingame item. As long as the UO player base is dumb enough to throw money away on things that are pointless UO will continue to make money.

  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127

    LOL! Ever notice how noob is an insult? It simply implys that we know less than you...which obviously isn't the case seeing I didn't need to try EQ to know how badly it sucked (and EQ2 will not be any better). SOE has never made a good game either. I am looking forward to WoW because it will be the first MMORPG to be released from a company that has good customer relations (a MUST in an MMORPG).

  • Sir-SvenSir-Sven Member Posts: 773

    lol. exactly. the only "newb" is the one that calls the other a newb.

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  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127
    I'm not going to say that WoW wont be awesome (though I have no idea of EQ2 and I have no interest to have an idea). However, one of the reasons UXO hasnt been hyped for quite sometime is that we all saw this coming. EA hasn't done crap to promote this game in about 6 months. Six months ago this game was hyped in the top 3 on this site (with EQ2 and WoW). Then they simply gave up on this project for the flimsiest of reasons. An official quote from EA said something along the lines of, "due to the fact that UO 7AE was so popular we have decided to (cancel UXO)." You can't tell me they don't know that the only reason UO 7AE was so successful was because they dangled a $19.99 carrot in front of their current players and most of the little bunnies (not including myself) took as many bites as they possibly could.

  • galefan2004galefan2004 Member Posts: 127
    Saying "noob" and "talking shit" is pointless. When will people realise that if I don't know you I could care less what you say, good or bad. I do have a problem with you ruining my ingame experience (in the case of UO) but you yourself do not, at all, bother me. So, next time you are "talking trash" remember that if the person doesn't know you in real life they most likely don't care what you say unless there is something wrong with their attitude in the first place.

  • Sir-SvenSir-Sven Member Posts: 773

    I know, it's so pointless! It's aggrivating too. Unless they attack you it gets fun. You can show them a piece of your mind.

    I guess that now there is no Ultima X: Odyssey, there should be no Ultima X: Odyssey forum section on ::::21::

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  • el_Slackoel_Slacko Member Posts: 310

    Originally posted by harmonica

    Richard Garriot is rolling over in his grave.

    Hell I bet so. Especially since he isnt dead yet. So is he rolling over in his armchair?

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  • diegofrgcdiegofrgc Member Posts: 451

    Richard rolling into his grave???????okok, lets see the facts............he is making Tabula Rasa!!!!!dont blame Lord British, he left UO one year ago, now EA owns completely UO and was going to own UXO

    I hate you EA............Earth & Beyond cancelled, UXO cancelled, the sims online cancelled <yes ,it will very soon, sorry sim fans>

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