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RUNESCAPE THREAD-for all ppl who play on runescape



  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    Name: Aka Jetson

    Combat Level: 86 lol

    Total level: 1045 i think

    Quest points: ??

    I dont go on much anymore but there was a time when i was addicted like hell :).

    My highest skill was woodcutting 76 only. Oh and i was only a member for one month but i enjoyed it. My favourite things were fight pits, castle wars, and duel arena.


  • macauley270macauley270 Member Posts: 3


    Combat lvl:46

    Quest points:dunno

    total lvl:dunno

    runescape rules

  • Greenday6212Greenday6212 Member Posts: 15


    Combat lvl:85

    Quest points:125? i think...

    total lvl:1396


    Nice guys finish last.

  • Greenday6212Greenday6212 Member Posts: 15

    ... srry did t3h wrong thing, im new here =P


    Nice guys finish last.

  • Greenday6212Greenday6212 Member Posts: 15
    Originally posted by gman2100

    Its a good mmo if you cant afford a real one.  The combat is dull, the only good thing about the game is the economy and the massive world to explore. 
    Personally my first mmo, got pretty far, and then I found this site and realized that there were way better things out there.
    edit: The game absolutely sucks if you play it free, the free servers are just full of scammers and little kids, constantly trying to steal your stuff.  The member worlds are pretty much the same thing, but theres alot more things to do.
    I quit runescape a couple of years ago, and I tried to log on a couple months ago, turns out my account was stolen.  Big suprise right?

    Yea um, I'm gonna have to completely agree with you on the f2p thing, its just ridiculous, i mean, you try to sell something like a rune scimmy in f2p because they dont buy in p2p, and you can almost expect that its gonna be a scam ur running into. But ever since the new trading update, i havent seen many scams, they just dont work anymore lol. I dont think there are that many scammers in P2p though, i ran into one big one . Lost 1m in a wild lure scam, its not as stupid as it sounds lol.



    Nice guys finish last.

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