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A question:

ZepeZepe Member Posts: 16

I couldnt find anymore apropriate to write this down, so here it goes:


What must I do to become 5 star member? After a month without posting anything but signing-in every day I discovered I was already 4 star member(wooooooot). But now I dont seem to have evolved in the last moth(image) Now what must I do to get the 5th and last shining star? Write many posts? Write many posts in short time? Tell me, wanna get UBER image


  • Sir-SvenSir-Sven Member Posts: 773

    For more information on becoming 5 stars, check the FAQ link above. You must write posts that have a lot of information in them and are very helpful to many people and relating to the subject.

    サ ー ス ベ ン


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